Cayuse Technologies was established to provide cost effective technology solutions by utilizing and developing the rural US workforce. The Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) partnered with Accenture in 2006 to create a company with the business acumen and rigor of a global professional services company, and the strong work ethic of the tribal members and the local community. We are proud to be a part of our owner’s rich tribal heritage and culture of family, diversity, integrity, and work ethic, all with a harmonious heart.

Our family has expanded to include highly qualified, hardworking people from rural and urban communities across the US, creating jobs for American citizens. The continued career growth opportunities for our family of employees is as equally important as the growth of revenue and profit. The result is a hard working staff that is dedicated to the success of our clients and to the success of their co-workers and communities.

Cayuse Technologies Headquarters

Many of the company’s leaders have come from large corporations because they feel strongly about giving back to the communities while building an agile and sustainable business. The leadership team, which is comprised of seasoned corporate executives and members of the tribe and community who have developed their leadership skills within the business, is dedicated to maintaining and evolving the agility, innovation, value and quality that has led to the company’s success.

The Cayuse Technology family provides effective and efficient services for Fortune 100 companies, federal and state government agencies, and small to medium size businesses. In addition to the benefits cost effective, quality services; these companies also receive the satisfaction (and diversity credits) of contributing to the continued development of the US workforce and economy.

Project Solutions

  • 100% US Citizens workforce
  • Coverage that is available 24x7x365 and for all US time zones
  • Potential diversity spend credits for clients
  • Opportunities for prime and subcontracting
  • Robust practices ensuring quality and consistency

What Sets Us Apart

  • We make a difference!
  • An excellent alternative to offshore/near shore for clients with unique requirements
  • Flexible, tailored service to suit client needs
  • Highly adaptable with quick response time in building out new capabilities
  • High performing teams with experience of remote interaction with distributed teams
  • Exceptional value for the investment results in reduced overhead and significant savings for the client